Co.Ed’s Soomi’s iPod Got Stolen

On a recent Cyworld update of Co.Ed’s Soomi, she expressed her anger for her precious iPod got stolen.

On the 4th of November, Soomi uploaded a photo of her which was taken from her iPod posing happily as she got it as a gift.

“Taken using the iPod I received as a gift”

Sadly, on the 10th, that iPod got stolen which made Soomi very angry.

애ㅓ 네ㅐㅎ렂 ㅔㅐㅎㅅ ㅓㅔ러 ㅔㄱ널 겐러 네러 ㄴ에러 ㅇ네ㅐ러 ㄴ에ㅐㄹ ㅇ네ㅐ라 ㅇ네ㅐ라 ㄷㄱ재ㅔㅏ ㄱ대ㅔ라 ㅇ내ㅔ라 ㅇ네ㅐㅏㄹ ㅇ네ㅐ라 셧요ㅑ쇼ㅗㅇ쇼ㅗㄷㄱ6ㅛㅕ56ㅕ***

The thief who stole my iPod* (please), surrender (now)

Screw you** ㅡ.ㅡ

I really like it because I got it as a gift…

How would I be able to get it (again)????????????????

Poor Soomi. You thief, give it back!

Source: Gokpop


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