Kwon and Gain’s First Performance in “All My Love” Receives ‘Passing Marks’

Viewers were soundly impressed with Jo Kwon and Gain’s comical performances on MBC’s new sitcom, “All My Love”.

On the first episode of “All My Love,” that was broadcast on Nov. 8th, the starring characters are introduced. The characters include the stingy Director Kim Gab Soo, Park Mi Sun who dreams of turning her life around, and the older sister-younger brother twins played by Gain and Jo Kwon. Especially known for their activities as a virtual married couple on the variety show “We Got Married,” Jo Kwon and Gain induced laughter with their depictions of Geum Ji and Ok Yeob, twins who conflict with each other.

Gain plays a poor, vain college student. She boasts of counterfeit shoes to her friends and lies to them, saying she is going to study abroad, in order to hide her suspension from school due to a lack of money. In addition, Gain’s character, who has had a complex about her mono-lids and small eyes since childhood, gets a part time job delivering gukbap (Korean rice soup) and saves up 1,500, 000 won (~1400 USD) for double-eyelid surgery. But her brother, played by Jo Kwon, steals some of this money and spends it all at a club. In addition, her mother tricks her into putting the rest of the money into a fraudulent pyramid scheme. Gain sheds tears and incited explosive laughter when her eyeliner runs and spreads out into panda eyes.

With Jo Kwon’s performing with his peculiar charm and Gain innocuously depicting her character with her natural appearance, the possibility of success from now on is evident. Jo Kwon and Gain’s sitcom performance brought in favorable comments from the viewers.

On online boards, viewers expressed their expectations for the idols’ performances with comments such as: “Jo Kwon and Gain’s characters are daebak. It looks like everyday will become fun.” “Considering it’s their first performance, both of them are really natural.” “Gain is very charming and Jo Kwon is cute! Their performances match that of actual siblings very well.”

The first episode of “All My Love” reached a nationwide audience rating of 8.5% (AGB Nielsen Media Research total).

Source: Innolife
Translated by oraday @


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