Oh Wonbin Talks About His Decision To Leave F.T Island

Two years after his departure from rock group FT Island, former member Oh Won Bin finally revealed his feelings about the group through a recent interview with Osen.

He said, “My departure from FT Island was something I’ve been thinking about for a very long time. Ever since our second album, I’ve always thought about trying different genres of music and began discussing it with the other members. They supported me a lot even after my exit. It was definitely not a hasty decision, and it was thoroughly discussed with both the members and the agency.”

Regarding the various rumors that began circulating after his leave, he explained, “I thought that no matter what I said, fans wouldn’t have believed me anyway. It was better to just stay quiet. Now that time has passed, however, I think I can explain myself a bit. I want to emphasize that it’s a decision I made after a lot of thought. I’m still close with my former bandmates.”

He continued, “I thought that if I left, everything would change. I thought I’d lose everything I worked for in my career as a musician. Even so, I still wanted to try something new. For the past two years, I’ve studied hard in college and practiced a lot in singing and rapping. With this comeback, my goal is to show everyone my potential as a singer.”

Oh Won Bin is scheduled to release his single, “I Love You and I Love You“, on November 11th and will be making his comeback on KBS’s “Music Bank.”

Source | allkpop

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