KARA Challenges Actress Roles for the First Time!

Popular 5-member Korean girl group KARA will star in the TV Tokyo drama “URAKARA”. The drama will begin airing on January 14th.

The drama will be filmed in both Japan and Korea. The girls, who are inexperienced in love, will go to a “love shop” and accomplish love missions. The 5 members will play themselves.

KARA debuted in Korea in March 2007. This August they had their Japanese debut with “Mister” which featured their “butt dance”, which was a big hit. The 5 girls are at the peak of their popularity and they wanted to show more charm than just singing and dancing, so they all expressed a desire to act as well. They will have the joy of performing in their first drama which will be done in both Japan and Korea.

During the drama, they will try various ways to put the target man in a trance and fall for them. They are looking forward to beginning production at the end of this month, but since it’s their first time they’re also nervous.

The language will be both Japanese and Korean; when Korean is spoken there will be subtitles on the bottom of the screen. All of the members can speak conversational Japanese, but the girls are currently studying how to put certain feelings into words through acting.

Translated by: gator_yoong
Source: Sanspo


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