2NE1 Nominated for Style Icon Award

On the coming 17th, CH E&M Center is opening a “2010 Olive-OnStyle Icon Award with CJ ONE“. It is going to award the best style icons.

There are 60 candidates in society, culture and art. People chosen are those who start new trends, from actors, talents, artists, models, gagmen, and designers. Some examples are Jang Dong-gun, Daniel Choi, BoA, Kara, Hwang Jung-eum, 2NE1, Park Yoo-chun, Big Bang, and Moon Geun-Young.

Shin Yoojin, on CJ Media’s style channel said “We hope people take a lot of interest in who is the best style icon”.

This year, they will have “Style icon Awards” and see the paradigms of style or the people who start trends. Cable channels Olive and OnStyle are sponsoring this.

This time there will also be a “CJ ONE popularity award”, with 14 special awards and 17 awards for style icons. It will be on at 8PM on the 17th on Olive and OnStyle.

Meanwhile, you can go to http://www.cjone.com to see the “CJ ONE Popularity Award”. You can vote online until the 15th at midnight.

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20101105n11773

Translated by 21kristine @ygladies.com

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