101103 Teen Top Japan Press Interview Q&A

A rookie group formed under SHINHWA’s Andy through open auditions,
Teen Top fits right in the background with their red & white clothes.
These 6 boys have been recognized by public for their talents.
The youngest member, Changjo, is born on 16th November 1995,
making him a high school student that is only 14 years old(Japanese age)!
Everybody is anticipating Teen Top’s future.

Q: How many times have you been to Japan?
A: [Chunji] This is the first time! I hope we can come back again.

Q: Niel has been called ‘young Michael Jackson’?
A: [Niel] I feel proud being called ‘young Michael Jackson’, but I don’t think I’m up to that standard. But, I will work hard and reach everyone’s expectations!
(*Listening to him is like looking at Michael Jackson during his Jackson 5 days)

Q: Say something to the Japanese fans
A: [CAP] We are nervous that we got invited to such an important stage, but we will do our best.
[L.JOE] We will be holding a fanmeet at Shinagawa Prince Hotel Stella Ball on the 2nd of November, please come and support us!!!

source: 6teensontop


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  1. Lucy Irina Hudson

    Ilove this post and I love you boy.

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