Is YoonA’s dream coming true this December?

YoonA has always been known for her admiration towards Japanese famous actor, Kimura Takuya and her dream of meeting with her ideal man might just become a reality.

Netizens speculated that it is highly possible for SNSD who are currently active in Japan to appear on NHK “White and Red Song Battle” or more commonly known as Kōhaku Uta Gassen.

Recently, Japanese popular music chart, Oricon revealed a list of probable artists to be featured on “White and Red Song Battle” which will be held on August 31st. The girls are expected to be placed in the “Red” team, while the “White” team features SMAP’s member Kimura Takuya.

However, to date, their appearances on the annual music show is still unconfirmed as the performers’ list has not been finalized.

A representative from SM Entertainment said, “To date, we have not received any offer. The list of performers will be announced in December. Thus, we do not want to confirm anything as for now”.

The show on 31st December 2010 will be the 61st edition of “White and Red Song Battle” since its first broadcast on January 3rd, 1951.

Netizens believe that since BoA who was once active in Japan, had appeared on “White and Red Song Battle”, the possibility of SNSD to appear on the annual music show is high.

source: fanwonder


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