Wooyoung’s role in Dream High revealed

KBS 2TV’s ‘Dream High’ which will first air in January of next year will feature an army of JYP Entertainment’s stars.

2PM’s Taecyeon and Wooyoung are participating of course and miss A’s Suzy has also been casted. This is Suzy and Wooyoung’s first acting challenge so it has been capturing the attention of fans.

On the 3rd a production representative for the drama stated “Wooyoung’s appearance has been confirmed” and “The contract for Suzy hasn’t been signed yet but her appearance has been completely decided. We are planning to finish casting this week and start filming right away.”

Wooyoung will be Kevin, a dancer from overseas, and will challenge the pride of the Korean students. It will be a role that shows off dance skills that are above the level of others and will have to assimilate different performances well.

Suzy will play Hyemi who is an arts high school student studying vocal music who has strong pride and thinks of her self as ‘the 2nd Jo Soomi’. Hyemi will be receiving all the love of Taecyeon’s character Jingook.

‘Dream High’ which is receiving lots of attention for being co-produced by JYP Entertainment and Bae Yongjoon’s Key East is a drama that will portray the concept of students who come together at Girin Arts High School and take footsteps to become world stars by taking endless challenges.

source: fy2pmtranslations


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