Sexy Actress Invades Super Junior’s Dormitory?

Yesung makes this unprecedented revelation on the latest episode of MBC every1 Super Junior’s Love Chaser.

On the show, hosted by Super Junior’s Yesung and Leeteuk, Yesung revealed that this mystery actress chose him as her ideal type, and even told him that she will give everything to him.

When said actress crossed the idol group’s dormitory, she decorated the front garden as a showroom about Yesung while no one was around. Yesung admitted that he found the decoration cute, and was even touched by her effort.

Recently, the actress also personally visited the production team of Super Junior’s Love Chaser so she could appear on the show. An act very complimentary to the shows concept, which showcases a star chasing another star whom he or she admires.

Wondering who the woman is? The detailed story about Yesung and his love chaser will air at 5PM on November 4.

Source: TV Daily
Translation: minnie@sujuism.blogspot
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