JaeJoong’s New Ink Is Revealed

JaeJoong’s new tattoo has been captured on camera in an undisclosed location and leaked on to the net. JaeJoong is known for his meaningful tattoos… what could possibly be on this one? What does it mean?

As soon as netizens came across this photo with him bending over while wearing a see-through dark shirt, they were quick to ask what was it for. If you can tell in the header image, the tattoo reads “Junsu Micky” diagonally opposite to each other.

‘When asked about his tattoos, JaeJoong replied, “I have the letters of TVXQ on my back. Most of them are words, and I only put things on that have meaning to me.” @Taiwan Press Con, 10/31/10’

source: Gokpop


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