2NE1 haunts with “It Hurts” music video

2NE1 rode the waves of jubilation and controversy when they made their comeback with not just two, but three tracks – “Can’t Nobody“, “Go Away“, and “Clap Your Hands“. Consequently, many believed that the group’s follow-up track would have a delayed release.

YG Entertainment has shown once again that 2NE1 will not falter before common expectations, however, as they released a few teaser photos announcing the release of “It Hurts” on October 31st.

Because it debuted on Halloween night, “It Hurts” has the girls dressed in a Victorian Gothic fashion that they’ve naturally tweaked to their own tastes. Check it out below!

source: Allkpop


2 responses to “2NE1 haunts with “It Hurts” music video

  1. …who0oaahhh…!!! so cool….!! nice one….. i love you 2NE1….

  2. this shows their versatility 🙂 which made them stand out from the rest of the girl group

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