2NE1 Reveals Follow Up Single and Concept Photos

YG Entertainment‘s all-girl group 2NE1 will follow up promotions with one of the tracks from their album To Anyone, It Hurts.

After releasing teaser photos for 2NE1′s Halloween return, the concept photos for It Hurts have been revealed.

2NE1 have done the unexpected once again with their Tim Burton-inspired concept. What do you think about it guys?

A representative of YG stated, “Fans of 2NE1 have been showing a lot of anticipation for their follow-up track. We’ve been heavily contemplating which track to choose, and have finally decided on ‘It Hurts.’ We revealed a poster for it on our official blog, YG Life, featuring Dara with a unique, mysterious look.”

He went on to state, “The music video for the song is a fantasy themed with Dara as the leading role. Lee Soo Hyuk, G-Dragon’s friend and model, will be the leading male role.”

The music video for “It Hurts” was directed by Kim Hye Jung, the same director for G-Dragon’s “Butterfly.”

Meanwhile, since this is not exactly a new title song, here is the full audio of It Hurts, if you have not heard it yet.

Source: YG-life.com+ALLKPOP
Video Credit: xkimberryz @YouTube
Written By: theshangkee @kpoplive.com

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