Kahi Delays Solo Debut + Orange Caramel to Return with a New Mini-album?

A few months ago, Pledis Entertainment announced that After School members will be having solo music activities and sub-unit groups. We have already seen Orange Caramel with Magic Girl, but leader Kahi has now further pushed back her solo debut.

It has been reported that Kahi has delayed her solo debut since she still has not found the perfect song for the album. Supposedly, she was to debut in November but with Kahi still searching for the best song for her solo debut, her debut date has not yet been finalized. A lot of composers have been sending in their songs to Kahi but nothing seems to have the right punch the After School leader is looking for.

Meanwhile, After School’s first sub-unit group, Orange Caramel, made up of maknaes Raina, Nana, and Lizzy, are coming back to the music scene with a new mini-album. At hit maker Wheesung‘s, concert wherein the trio performed, it was revealed that Wheesung has again written a song for the girls. If you didn’t know, Wheesung was the man behind the Magic Girl single.

Unfortunately, Orange Caramel’s comeback date has not yet been confirmed.

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that Kahi’s solo debut and Orange Caramel’s comeback won’t be too long away.

Source: Nate News, Asiae
Translation: AfterSchCraze @Twitter
Written By: theshangkee @kpoplive.com


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