Netizens Reaction About The Revealed Relationship of JongShin

It was recently spread as fast as fire the news that Sport Seoul revealed about the new revealed couple JongHyun of SHINee and Shin Se Kyung.

JongShin lovestory was now untold and many netizens will probably watching the lovestory of this new revealed couple. Will they last longer or ?. . .

Surprisingly, shawols and other netizens easily accepted the fact about the
new couple without negative feeling specially toward ShinSeKyung. Infact, fans are getting accepted the fact that even their favorite idols need also someone in their life even though it is really hard to them. Some fans even congratulate the new couple and some even commented ‘I’m happy if u happy jonghyun. But may i cry now? Only this day. Really
i don’t hate shin sekyung :’;)‘ , ‘Jonghyun, last long with Sekyung. And stay happy always~’ and ‘Oppa & Unnie take care of each other. this day is really aching one! Khunnie T^T and now JongHyun! this makes me cry but this tears probably a tears of Joy.’

Though there are also some netizens can’t accept the fact they’ll probably soon to accept it even this will take a time, JongHyun deserve to love and be loved — fans love is different.

source: GoKpop


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