Hong-ki of FT Island vs. Sam-di (Simon D) of Supreme Team

Hong-ki of FT Island and Sam-di of Supreme Team went head to head in a battle to win a girl’s heart.

On the KBS “Oh! My School“, a new show about educating idol stars on various different topics, there was a segment where people had to pair up with a student of the opposite sex. The two best friends, Hong-ki and Sam-di, chose the same girl. Hong-ki tried to win her heart over by singing a ballad song while Sam-di rapped for her. In the end, without any moment of hesitation, the female idol star chose Sam-di for his rough country dialect.

When Park Myung-soo, one of the MCs for the show, asked is it okay even though Sam-di has a girlfriend, the female star said she hopes he doesn’t have one. Her answer surprised the entire cast.

If you are curious as to who the female idol star is, make sure to catch the first episode of KBS “Oh! My School“, airing October 30, 2010.

Any guesses on who the lucky lady may be?

source: popseoul


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