Jay to release his digital singles in Korea

‘Sidus HQ’, the company Park Jaebum belongs to, said on the morning of 25th, “Park Jaebum is releasing a digital single album in the country, cheered on by his fans. We are going to introduce two songs on the coming 26th through an in-country music download site.”

Two songs were held in the album- an R&B song called ‘Speechless’ and a song called ‘Bestie’ set at a medium tempo. ‘Speechless’ is an emotional ballad that shows the desperate heart of a man who has lost his love. On the other hand, ‘Bestie’ is a song from which the bouncing lyrics and merry rhythm catches attention, and will be presented in a Korean, English, and a remix version.

In this album, the personal musical identity and musical preference of Park Jaebum was also deeply held. It is a known fact that he had co-produced with ChaCha of AOM, which happens to be the same crew he himself belongs to. In ‘Bestie’, Jaebum took part in writing the lyrics himself.

His company showed confidence in the album. They passed on, “You will be able to feel Park Jaebum’s further developed artistic abilities. We request a lot of anticipation and love for Jaebum, who always sincerely tries in the area of music.”

On the other hand, these digital singles have been already released in iTunes, a global music site, on the 12th, and has taken up #1 on the ‘Most Searched’ list as well as taking up a high place up in the iTunes charts.

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