2AM Produces Showcase Video in 3D Movie

A showcase of the first official album of star idol group 2AM entitled “Saint o’clock” will be produced as a 3D movie.

Their agency Big Hit Entertainment said on October 20, “2AM will hold a showcase at Ax Korea located in Kwangjingu on October 27, and their performance during the showcase will be recorded using a 3D camera and then will be released at the movie theater.”

The showcase will be held as a part of the project entitled “Live In,” in which the SKT company films the content of performances such as concerts and musicals using a 3D camera and releases them in movie theaters. 2AM’s showcase to be produced as a 3D movie will be the second following that of singer Hui Sung.

Members of 2AM are planning to sing their new songs included in their new album as well as their previous hit songs such as “Even If I Die, I Can’t Send You Away” on the stage.

In addition, 2AM will hold their first solo concert entitled “Saint o’clock” in the Hwajung Gymnasium at Korea University from December 24 through 26.

source: KBS


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