SS501 to Return in 2011

Ever since SS501‘s contracts expired in June, there has been many speculations and rumors about what will happen to the group, and whether they will disband. However, today  Kim HyungJoon himself revealed SS501′s comeback plans for 2011

All 5 of the members have now signed contracts with different companies and are already starting to focus on their solo careers. However, they didn’t want to give up being SS501 and  have agreed to hold a concert and release an album in the first half of next year!

Youngest member Kim HyungJoon who recently joined S-Plus Entertainment revealed in an interview with Sports World

“Among our members, we were saying that we will release SS501 album in the first half of next year after ending our individual activities. We are planning to have a concert at the same time when we release the album.

Though the view of others on us is harsh when we searched for our own agencies (to sign with), we have definitely not disbanded. Like group Shinhwa, we will have our own solo activities in different agencies while gathering together when doing group activities.

When we decided to go separate ways finding our own agency, we promised each other that the group existence is of the first and foremost importance. Even when we signed the contract with a new agency, that condition was the first one that we put up. Because the relationships among the members are as good as ever, we only need to decide as to when SS501 album will be released next year.”

Looks like we shall be seeing SS501 very soon in the future! So are you looking forward to their return?

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Written By: Jejjmin@Kpoplive


2 responses to “SS501 to Return in 2011

  1. how do I join the fan club SS501
    como hago para formar parte del club de fans de ss 501

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