CN Blue’s Jungshin to Debut as a model

4 member Idol band, CN Blue’s Bassist Lee Jung Shin will debut as a fashion model.

Lee Jung Shin will walk on stage for designer Song Hye Myung‘s fashion show in Seoul, SETEC on 22nd.

Lee Jung Shin’s exceptionally tall height of 186cm and attractive, as well as being naturally talented in walking a runway, he had received many compliments saying he’s just as good as professional models.
Designer Song Hye Myung complimented Jung Shin saying, “Lee Jung Shin is excellent aesthetically, moreover there was no need to train him for the runway walk because he was already born with that skill.“

Jung Shin, already caught the audience’s attention from his physical appearance in his performances with CN Blue, is also appearing on variety shows such as MBC “We Got Married”.

Since Lee Jung Shin debuted as a model, CN Blue’s 4 members have been active variety of things.

Jung Yong Hwa had already debuted as actor in “You are beautiful” and Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jong Hyun appeared on Omnibus movie “Acoustic.” Kang Min Hyuk was casted for a show that will air subsequent to “Dr. Champ” called “That’s alright father’s daughter”.

source: Nate News
translation: Yeonsil@Cnbluestorm


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  1. love all of them…….
    oppa …. fighting <3<3<3

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