Yong-hwa is jealous over Seo-hyun’s relationship with TRAX!

On a recent episode of “We Got Married” Seo-hyun told Yong-hwa that she wore a wedding dress for TRAX’s album photo shoot.

Seo-hyun agreed to let Yong-hwa see the photo. After viewing the photo on her phone Yong-hwa asked Seo-hyun, “What was it like to wear the wedding dress?”

eo-hyun replied, “Everyone said we (Jung Mo – TRAX vocalist) match.”

Yong-hwa: “Did you feel weird (on that day)?”

Seo-hyun answered, “Yes, it felt weird“.

Yong-hwa expressed his feelings by saying, “So, you liked it? But, you didn’t tell me about it”.

Seo-hyun: “I didn’t have an opportunity to tell you, during that time, it was our cut-off period.”(the cut-off period is a break for Seo-hyun to miss Yong-hwa)

So, what did you guys think? Wasn’t it really cute when Yong-hwa became jealous?

source: popseoul


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