2NE1, SHINee, T-ara, and others to attend Share the Love concert

It’s that time of year again as the 11th Annual Share the Love Concert is just around the corner. The concert will be held on November 14th at the Olympic Park stadium with an expected audience of over 10,000 people. It was announced by Nongshim that 2NE1 will be attending the concert along with many other artists such as SHINee, T-ara, BoA, miss A, and 2PM. This will be the 2nd year that 2NE1 was invited to attend the concert, as they were at last year’s concert.

Nongshim, a popular noodle brand in Korea, created this concert in 2000 to celebrate the meaning of sharing love with the purpose of getting teenagers to think about the meaning behind sharing in order to create a society where the underprivileged will receive love as well. Since then, the concert has been held yearly and over 433,000 packages of ramyeon have been donated to the Red Cross of Korea.

Having so many popular idols attend this concert will surely promote the idea of sharing love to their fans. Stay tuned for further details of the concert and don’t forget to share your love with everyone you meet.

Source: YGLadies


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