Teen Top Joins UFOTown On Their 100th Day After Debut

Rookie idol group Teen Top is getting ready to celebrate their 100th day since debut on the 18th of October. The group has just finished promoting their first single, Clap, and have now been awarded with the opening of their own UFOTown account.

UFOTown is a website that allows idol stars to communicate with their fans through text messages and exclusive images. Super Junior, SNSD, Big Bang, and 2PM are among the many idol groups that use the community website to communicate with fans.

“After Teen Top debuted, we received many requests from fans to let Teen Top join UFOTown, in order to fulfill their requests, we started a UFOTown and Starcall for Teen Top to be opened on their 100th day after debut,” a representative from the website stated.

The boys will be able to keep in contact with their fans as they travel to Japan for their November 2nd fanmeet. Meanwhile, fans with a UFOTown account can leave messages for Teen Top and their other favourite idols on the website.

Source: MyDaily
Translation by chanjoe!@6TeensOnTop.com
Written by wonderwonders@kpoplive.com



2 responses to “Teen Top Joins UFOTown On Their 100th Day After Debut

  1. Your song clap my brother he really like this song so much.

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