Siwon Chosen to Model for a Smart Phone

SK Telesys new mobile phone brand, “W”, has signed Super Junior member Choi Siwon to model for their new smart phone, “Reaction”.

In “W” advertisement for their smart phone “Reaction”, “Reaction” is the tagline for the advertisement. While maintaining its features as a smart phone, it also comprises of components from the traditional feature phones. The advantages about smart phones are the fast reaction time, and this fast reaction will be made known on the advertisement releasing on 16th of October will be shown on all free-to-air channels as well as cable television.

Male idol group Super Junior’s member Choi SIwon showed off his charm and charisma in this “Reaction” advertisement, something different from what he usually is. Choi Siwon expressed that, because it is his first time doing an advertisement alone, he feels really nervous. However, he is also very happy to be endorsing the phone, which is currently the talk of the IT World.

SK Telesys’s spokesperson also expressed, in order to attract those who finds excitement in their daily life, like those of the 20-something crowd, they have engaged the youthful Super Junior member Choi Siwon. He also added, Choi Siwon is highly recognized in the singing, acting, and performing industry, fulfilling all the expectations that a CF model needs for the first “W” smart phone, finishing a perfect CF. Once the advertisement is released, there will be more exciting and dynamic promotional activities.

Source: Daily Kpop News
Video: 2pinkninja@Youtube


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