4MEN Reveals 2 Teasers And ‘Say I Love You’ MV

The soulful group has been on a release-spree lately. 4MEN just revealed teasers for “Ulgo, Bulgo” (울고, 불고…) with Zia, and “Eyes Nose Mouth” with Sun Woo. They also revealed the MV for the song “Say I Love You” with E-tribe from the ‘Secret Romance/Loveholic’ OST.

Little is known about this upcoming movie, but the cast members are said to be Ja Hyun Chu, Soo Yeon Han, Chan Jung and Heung Soo. The plot is about a couple who is stuck in a boring marriage. Things change when they both fall into affairs with the wife’s girlfriend and the husband’s colleague.

The songs sound great as usual. “Say I Love You” has amazing vocals in great music, just like 4MEN’s usual ballad songs. The song sounds touching with a chorus that is quite catchy. The teasers on the other hand, sure gets you interested on how the full songs are going to be. Both teasers sound great with just the few seconds you get to hear.

Say I Love You (with E-tribe) MV

source: GOKPOP


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