Here Comes The 2010 YG FAMILY CONCERT!

If you thought SM Town was cool, here comes YG’s very own concert with some of its top stars! ‘2010 YG FAMILY CONCERT’ to be held on the 4th and 5th of December at the Seoul Olympic athletic stadium.

YG Entertainment revealed an official statement explaining where and when the concert will be held. As you probably know, YG Entertainment used to hold the ‘ONE CONCERT’ each year, but stopped since 2008. So this year they will be coming back with Se7en, Gummy, 2NE1, Big Bang and PSY(guest).

The tickets will be sold through Gmarket at 20:00 on October 28th. It’s a concert that will have seats for 36,000 people and will be held on two days. There will be two shows on the 5th, and for all three shows it is only allowed for fans over the age of 12 to attend.

Big Bang expressed, “We’re very excited at the thought of being able to meet our fans after such a long while.”

This will definitely be a concert worth checking out! So if you get the chance, then do try to get your hands on the golden ticket!

From YG Entertainment:


Name: 2010 YG Family Concert
Cast: SE7EN, GUMMY, BIGBANG, 2NE1 (Guest: PSY)
Place: Olympic Park, Gymnasium (Chejo Gyoung-gi jang)
Date: 2010.12.4 (Sat) / 7 PM (KOR)
2010.12.5 (Sun) / 2 PM & 7 PM (2 shows)
Host: YG Entertainment, Inc.


Reservation: Only on G-Market (, Tel: 1566-5702
Ticket Open Date: 2010.10.28 (Thu) 8 PM
Price: VIP – 88,000 won, R – 77,000 won (VAT included)

source: GOKPOP

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