U-KISS Bad Boy Image Fascinates Fans

U-KISS’s popularity is on fire as their bad boy concept is making fans clamor for them.

Their new released mini album, ‘BREAK TIME’ has grabbed the no.1 spot on album charts right after it was released.

Their title track ‘Shut Up’ from ‘BREAK TIME’ has maintained the no.1 spot on Hanteo chart since the first day it was released on October 4th until October 12th.

Netizen called the choreography used in ‘Shut Up’ as ‘Warrior Dance’, because of the defense style choreography that seems so unique when performing the song on stage.

The agency’s official informed “‘Shut Up’ is like a follow up to ‘Man Man Ha Ni’, where the strong guys transformed into bad guys and this has attracted the music fans’ attention with their powerful stage presence.”

Meanwhile, U-KISS will hold a fansign event at ‘Fantastic Records’ located at I-Park Mall in Yongsan on October 15th.

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