Sunny, Hyuna and Kim Taewoo Return to Try and Save What’s Become of Yuchiri

As mentioned earlier, 4Minute’s HyunA, SNSD’s Sunny and Kim Tae Woo, the first members of “Invincible Youth” would make another appearance at the show.

On 13 October, they made special appearances in the show once again, to celebrate “Invicible Youth” 1st Year Anniversary.

Officials expressed that, “When Sunny, HyunA and Tae Woo met up with the other members of Invincible Youth they were really touched and elated.” This is because Sunny, HyunA and Tae Woo were part of the first batch of members for “Invincible Youth” and happy memories were forged between them. They also fostered great friendship with the other members.

Although it is meaningful to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of “Invincible Youth” with the ex-members, SNSD’s Yuri was unable to make an appearance on that very day due to other schedules.

It is also known that due to promotions in Japan, Sunny, Yuri and HyunA had to pull out from the show. In addition, Kim Tae Woo had also left the show this year due to the preparation of his new album.

source: Baidu
4minutes Forum


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