Kim Tae-hee, Song Seung-hun to star in new drama

Top Korean stars Kim Tae-hee and Song Seung-hun have been cast in a new drama by the creator of popular MBC TV series “Pasta.”

The show’s producer Curtain Call said Wednesday that Kim and Song will star in an upcoming show tentatively titled “My Princess” by director Kwon Suk-jang.

“My Princess,” a love story between a regular female college student and a conglomerate, is set to premiere on MBC early next year.

Kim will be playing the role of a college student whereas Song will take on the role of a conglomerate.

Kim rose to fame after appearing in the SBS TV series “Stairway to Heaven” in 2003 alongside Hallyu stars Kwon Sang-woo and Choi Ji-woo and has since starred in several dramas and movies.

Her most notable roles were in last year’s blockbuster hit drama “IRIS” opposite Lee Byung-hun.

Song is one of the most popular stars in the Asian region for his roles in smash-hit series “Autumn Tale,” “Summer Scent” and “East of Eden.”

He recently starred in “The Invincibles,” a Korean remake of the Hong Kong classic “A Better Tomorrow,” with Joo Jin-mo, Kim Kang-woo and Jo Han-sun.

source: 10asiae


One response to “Kim Tae-hee, Song Seung-hun to star in new drama

  1. celeste cruzado

    i love “my princess”, it makes me happy watching this.

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