2PM Transformation: From Beastly Idols to Mountain Kids?

2PM are not beastly idols anymore, let’s welcome the mountain kid concept.

With the release of their new mini album and MV the guys of 2PM confirmed that they indeed deserve the “beastly idol” nickname. However, all the Hottest know that the boys actually have a cute and dorky side.

Lately 2PM members have become addicted to the twitter world and usually post updates about their activities, daily lives and interests. This is a good way to get closer to the fans and let them know a bit more about their idols.

This time Taecyeon and Nichkhun shared a few pictures from what it seems to be a trip to the mountains with the 2PM boys.

Leaving their usual stage image behind they show their natural fresh faces surrounded by a beautiful scenery.

It looks like even if they are about to begin promotions they are still taking some time to have fun and share it with their fans.

There are 3 pictures so far but I am pretty sure they will upload more so come back and check for future updates.

source: GOKPOP


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