T-ara receives a love call from Japan worth 3.6 million USD

It has been reported that T-ara recently received a ridiculously expensive love call from one of the biggest entertainment agencies in Japan, as the group were asked to contract with the company for 4 billion Won, which roughly calculates to a whopping 3.6 million USD.

Core Contents Media, T-ara’s entertainment company, recently revealed, “Their biggest reason for giving us the love call was that, not only does the group succeed as singers, but also in dramas, movies, and CFs. They were also impressed with the members’ pretty pre-debut photos.”

The Japanese entertainment company also told Core Contents Media that the amount of money they have proposed is probably the greatest salary for any girl group yet. It was also reported that T-ara received love calls from two additional Japanese companies as well.

Core Contents Media went on to say, “The reason why T-ara have only loosely leveled up with the many girl groups who are succeeding in Japan right now is that the T-ara members have not only been doing singing promotions, but they have also been involved with dramas, movies, and CFs, and due to the difficult time management, beginning Japanese activities was virtually impossible. However, with each of the members’ personal schedules wrapping up, as well as being in the last stages of preparing for their second album, we think we will soon be able to announce whether Japanese promotions are possible. We are thinking that time will be once T-ara perfectly wrap up their second album promotions.”

Meanwhile, T-ara’s new member, Ryu Hwa Young, is set to debut on T-ara’s second album as the 7th member of the group.

source: allkpop


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