Eye makeup becoming more popular among male idols!

Chic, smoky makeup is no longer restricted to just females anymore.

Smoky makeup has become the staple of many male idol group members in order to show off a stronger, charismatic image of themselves on stage.

The style has developed far past just simple black eyeliners to include a variety of colors and styles.

One of the first idol groups to use smoky eye makeup is Big Bang. T.O.P’s sexy charisma was emphasized with his thick eyebrows and smoky make up. Taeyang also followed the style while promoting “I Need A Girl” in order to give off the feel of maturity.

The style is also highly effective for Jung Yong Hwa’s signature gazes towards the camera, easily enabling him to capture the audience.

Super Junior’s Lee Teuk and Big Bang’s G Dragon are known pretty boys of the industry for their soft looks. By wearing smoky eye makeup, the two were able to upgrade their manliness by giving off a sharp feel from their eyes.

The style has evolved over the years, the most representative example being Key’s wild style. He matches his eye makeup to the colors of his shirts, a unique look amongst his fellow idol members.

The makeup also gives a deeper edge to Minho’s cute boyish charms along with giving Onew a more fierce image on stage compared to his innocent, calm features without it.

The members of MBLAQ use the style often when wearing black suits, easily capturing the attention of the audience with their clean, sharp style.

source: allkpop


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