Photo Of “Lady Suju” Revealed!

On October 5, 2010, Kim Hee-chul of Super Junior revealed a picture of “Lady Suju” that he received from a fan on his twitter.

The photoshopped picture was sent by a fan overseas and he decided to retweet it so it can be seen on his twitter as well. In the picture, the members of Super Junior are all dressed as girls in school uniforms sporting Lady Gaga’s ribbon hair-do.

After looking at the picture, many fans have responded saying that they look so pretty as girls and some have even stated that Hee-chul is the prettiest.

All the members are pretty enough to pull off as girls in this picture, but what makes this picture even more beautiful is that all 13 members (including Ki-bum and Han-kyung) are in it. Don’t you think?

source: popseoul


One response to “Photo Of “Lady Suju” Revealed!

  1. yeah i agree with you I really miss to see them all togather
    can anybody please tell me what happened to ki-bum??

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