MBLAQ interview at Hanako (Japanese magazine)

Recently MBLAQ was interviewed by Hanako magazine they talked about their charms and shared their thoughts on breakups.

The magazine introduced the boys as Rain’s younger brothers who inherited their perfect performances from their senior as well as being highly praised for their manly wildness; however, Seungho stated that their stage personality and their true colors are completely different. He considers themselves as ordinary boys. Mir, as well, made a surprising remark when he shared his thoughts of being interested in doing Agricultural Studies in Japan since his parents own a farm.

When it comes to breakups each boy takes a different direction on what they might do if they find themselves in that situation.

G.O. said that he is really dedicated in a relationship, so if his girlfriend ever betrays him he will fall in love with a nicer girl.

On the other hand, Seungho accepted that he would actually blame himself thinking that his love wasn’t sufficient.

As for Cheondung, he will take the experience and transform it into lyrics healing the wound with the song.

The boys were also asked to talk about his own and personal charms.

Joon picked the powerful expression in his eyes as his own charm.

G.O. as well chose his eyes due to the fact that he is always told that he can express many emotions with them, and of course he couldn’t forget his thick moustache.

Seungho didn’t have a choice and was forced to confess that for him it would be his lips.

The maknae Mir took a different direction and instead of charms he talked about the sense of closeness that people at different generations can have a good impression.

Finally, Cheondung picked his tiny face as his charm.



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