Kim Hyun-Joong Talks About His Relationship With Bae Yong-Joon!

The Mischievous Kiss actor,Kim Hyun-joong, is finally revealing how close he is with the international mega star!

Hyun-joong joined Bae Yong-joon’s company KEYEAST earlier this year. The two were even seen having private meetings prior to his contract signing. So what kind of relationship do they have?

In a recent interview with Women’s Joongang Magazine, the singer/actor tells us. Read the except here:

“Yong-joon hyung and I often chat about relationships with women while having drinks….I just call him Yong-joon hyung. I can’t call him ‘the president’ or ‘Yonsama’. I can’t call him Ahjeossi ( middle-aged man) either (laugh). I have a very comfortable relationship with him. We talk about our problems and we chat for hours easily. Sometimes, we get excited about pretty girls when we’re drinking. We talk about old girlfriends as well. We’re just like other men.”



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