G-Dragon is just waiting for the other members of Big Bang so they can make a comeback

Big Bang’s leader G-dragon has already selected 18 tracks while the other members are working on their solo activities.

During an episode of Big Bang TV, Ji Yong had a conversation with Yang Hyun Suk (YG). It looks like this happened while the other members were back home relaxing during the Chuseok.

YG stated that the fans are complaining on why Big Bang isn’t coming back but apparently the boys are more focused on how they are going to drop the new songs instead of when they are going to make it.

G-D revealed that he has already prepared and selected 18 tracks and he is just waiting for the boys to comeback.

Back at the studio he said:

“My job is like I’m walking up the mountain and when I’m about to reach the top, then “Oh!There’s one more mountain to climb!” and I’ve got to climb it. When I’m up there, then “Oh! It’s not the one that I want to climb and where am I at now?” I’ve got to walk down and climb another one.”

YG told him that he has to climb many mountains, so that he will learn that which one is higher than the others.



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