T-ara, ‘We want to be more than singers’

-‘Being a singer alone does not satisfy us’

T-ara(Eunjung, Hyomin, Soyeon, Jiyeon, Kyuri and Boram) discuss their goal to become multi-entertainers in the entertainment business.

With hits like ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ and ‘Go Crazy Because of You’, they now challenge themselves to do more than singing.

Qri had her acting debut in MBC’s historical drama ‘Queen Seon-dook’ although she played a little part. She then took part in ‘Southern Trader Kim Chulsoo”

Jiyeon debuted in MBC’s drama aswell, named ‘Soul’. She then got another gig through KBS 2TV’s ‘God of Study’. She had her first movie role in the successful horror movie ‘Death Bell 2′, and her first variety show as a fixed cast in SBS’ ‘Heroes’. She will return later this month with ‘Jungle Fish 2′.

Eunjung had already started her acting and modeling career before even getting in T-ara. She got her first lead role acting in SBS’ drama ‘Coffee House’. She will have her first movie role in ‘White’.

Leader Boram has had her share aswell. Aside from acting along-side Jiyeon in ‘Soul’, she followed her mother’s footsteps by debuting in the one-shot ‘In Purple Heels, The Grim Reaper is Coming!”.

Hyomin is acting in the variety field as well through the show ‘Invcinible Youth’. As a member of T-ara, she’s also had alot of guestings with the group, but her first role in the drama is in SBS’ ‘My Girlfriend Is A Nine-Tailed Fox’.

Lastly, member Soyeon, aside from appearing in varios variety and talk shows, will have her own movie debut soon aswell.

In a recent interview with T-ara, they explained us their experiences with their acting/solo projects. While promoting for the movie ‘Death Bell 2’, T-ara joined member Jiyeon to show their support and gather more fans and meet them. “If Death Bell 3 is done, we will be the new heroines of the movie” said in a joking manner.

-‘I want to be paired up with Lee Seung-Gi’

Hyomin transformed in to an actress for the first time in ‘Gumiho’. She expressed her feelings of wanting to be paired up with Lee Seung-Gi who is her co-star in the drama ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’.

The members joke around about Hyomin, as Soyeon says “Hyomin wants to be paired of with Lee Seung-Gi but the truth is they look more like brother and sister!” she continues “I hope Lee Seung-Gi has a deep kissing scene!!”

Jiyeon was asked, what was the hardest part participating in her latest solo project ‘Jungle Fish 2’.

“I think the hardest part is playing the role of a problematic teenager. I play a teenager in her school days who is addicted to ADHD pills. The director is very meticulous with every movement and action I do.”

She continues, “Im not yet of legal age, but I have to play someone who breaks the boundaries. But this gives me challenge. I want to play more challenging parts in the future”

While talking to T-ara, it seems there is this certain sparkle in their eyes when talking about being multi-entertainers. It seems there’s no boundaries for this girl group.


Cr: Kwon Soobin(interviewer) + Diadem Gallery
Translation: *YANiPOPO* @ Tiaradiadem.com


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