T-ara’s Jiyeon and Hwayoung throw a celebratory for Co.ed’s debut

Coed is a new rookie mixed group consisting of 10 members, including Hyoyoung (17, Ryu Hyoyoung).

Held this spring, Hyoyoung won the 80th annual Cheonhyung pagaent. Now, she will be debuting as an artist tonight through MNET M!Countdown with her groups title song, Too Late.

This group is especially unique because of the female and males members. It is also unique because Core Contents Media recruited twins, Hyoyoung and Hwayoung, who joined T-ara as the seventh member. Today the sisters were reunited and showed holding a cake, which attracted attention.

Hyoyoung said, “I really tremble when I think I’m going to debut. During the holidays, we did not even get a break but instead we continued training hard. For our first broadcast, we will show we prepared everything well.

She also said, “My twin sister, who recently joined T-ara, has good faith in me that we can be successful,” she said laughing.

Meanwhile, former SeeYa member and current Co.ed leader, Soomi, said, “Through Co.ed’s cool dance moves I’ll be able to show a new image. I’m looking forward to showing fans this.



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