BIG BANG…The “Fashion Idol, separate yet together

From singing to dancing, from dancing to composing music, Big Bang has already reached the professional level. They seem to have tried to participate in all areas of entertainment business too, like musicals, dramas and movies, etc. And their influence has exerted influence on the music market like waves in film, dramas and other areas.

Recently, the group members have switched from group activities to solo ones at the moment. The ‘Big Bang’ Fashion is a newly coined term to describe their fashion style no matter when they perform as a group or in their solo performances and much attention has been drawn.

In this year which is the ‘Visit Korea Year’, the Korea National Tourism Organisation has produced an interactive drama ‘Haru’ with Cheil Communications starring Yunho, Han Chae-young, Park Si-hoo,etc which has attracted great attention.

In ‘Haru’, BIGBANG members have shown us their individual fashion syle. Now, we are going to compare that with the fashion they have when they are active as a group.

‘Seperate but yet together’ fashion style

When Big Bang members do their music and acting together, they all follow a concept which all members will wear the same color and clothes made of the same materials which can portray their group image.

When they were very young boys and performing on their debut stage, they chose a hip-hop style with black as the basic color.

On the other hand, TOP has been more outstanding in fashion. He usually wears colorful costumes as well as clothes with his own style so he is regarded as one of the fashionista in Korea, especially he wears high tops and skinny jeans together with bold jewelry and detailed accessories. These have become the iconic items among people.

Their own style in private activities

When the boys are not in group activities, then you can see their own styles from their clothes.

G-dragon has been recognized as one of the best fashionista’s in Korea and he has his own iconic styling, like when he was in solo activities, he has dyed his hair dazzlingly blonde and together with tailor made jacket and shirt of his own choice. These all are eye candies to us.

In the recent drama’ Haru,’ each of the members were able to show us their own style.

T-shirt symbolizes relaxing, so they went to Taeyang ,Seungri and Daesung. On the other hand, G-dragon has chosen a vivid-colored scarf and a fedora hat and Top has worn a military outfit which characterizes his own image and made him even more outstanding.

For Top, he has put on a military shirt so to introduce his masculine feeling to us.

Credit: Rice @ Big Bang World


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