2NE1’s first ever talk show on ‘Seung Seung Jang Gu’

On the 28th, 2NE1’s first talk show on ‘Seung Seung Jang Gu‘ was recently aired.

At the beginning of the show, MC Kim Seung Woo asked them to directly introduce themselves, to which 2NE1 replied with “We are the playing unnies.”

MC Kim Jung Soo asked them, “Since you said you are the playing unnies, do you guys normally play a lot?” They replied with, “We play on stage.”

The group also revealed their shy side and confessed that they get nervous when going on variety show programs.

Leader CL also revealed the test in which YG Entertainment founder & CEO, Yang Hyun Suk created for the members’ future boyfriends. She said, “First off, the boyfriend’s style must be checked with our stylist, and must also receive a health test. Since most of the artists of our company are males, such as Se7en and Big Bang, he must also pass an interview with our male sunbaes. Lastly, he must have an interview with our president Yang Hyun Suk.”

When asked if this test has ever been used, CL answered, “It was created, but it has never been used…”

CL also caught the attention of viewers by saying, “Rather than a boyfriend, I’d like a husband. I want a marriage more than a relationship.”

In addition, when the MC team asked the group, “Which group do you feel you are in most rival with?”, they answered, “Destiny’s Child.”

Source: MaxMovie via ALLKPOP


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