Jay Park’s Sister will be debuting in America and Korea!

Six member girl group, Rania, will be debuting in America and Korea at the same time.
Rania’s agency, DR Music, revealed on the 27th, “In the beginning of November, the girls will be releasing their debut album in both America and Korea.

Their producer, Teddy Riley, is especially known in the states for composing for Michael Jackson, The Pussycat Dolls, Jay-Z, R. Kelly, and other pop artists. For Rania, he’s composed two songs titled “DR Feel Good” and “Masquerade.” The group is also known for member T-ae’s role as Jay Park’s younger sister in the Hollywood film, “Hype Nation.” The group consists of a diverse composition of members from ThailandChina, and Korea and areall fluent in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Thai.

According to DR Music, Rania contracted with Teddy Riley’s new agency in order to promote in America. “We’re the first to debut a group in both Korea and America at the same time. Teddy Riley is currently discussing the music distribution rights with Sony Music and Universal Music. We’re planning to hold promotional events in November and December in America. Lady Gaga’s choreographer, Richard Jackson, participated in their choreography as well. ”

Riley revealed a behind story by stating, “Michael Jackson’s family even visited my studio while I was working on Rania’s recording. They were highly impressed and complimented their vocal skills, even giving tips on pronunciation.

Rania completed their recording on the 13th at LA’s Burbank Encore Studio and returned to Korea on the 25th. They opened their official twitter (@with_Rania) and have began revealing various behind the scenes photos of their LA recording studio.



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