Kim Tae Hee Names Shin Min Ah as Most Beautiful Actress

Actress Kim Tae-hee, known for her distinguished beauty, says she thinks actress Sin Min-ah is beautiful. The chat with Kim continued on the Sep. 14 edition of the KBS-2TV talk show “Win Win.”

MC Kim Seong-su asked who she thought was the prettiest among actresses, including herself. Kim hesitated and repeatedly confirmed if it included herself. She was honest enough to admit that her hesitation was because she was included in the question.

She said, “There are so many beautiful actresses, each having their own beauty, so it’s difficult to say who’s more attractive. Excluding myself, I think Sin Min-ah is beautiful in the drama she is appearing in. She’s tall and I envy her in many ways.”

Kim also revealed her skin care secret. She is known for her silky skin, deemed to be like that of a 16 year old girl by a world-reknowned makeup artist.

She said, “Sixteen years old, that doesn’t make sense but I do care how I look before the camera. I use products and at times receive care at the clinic. I heard that rubbing your skin hard makes it saggy so I try my best not to touch it. I only use water when washing. The downside is that I make the bathroom a sea of water.”

Kim’s “secret guests” for this episode were her close friends, announcer Oh Jeong-yeon and actress Lee Ha-nee, who shared more stories about Kim.

source: KBS GLOBAL


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