Kiseob of UKISS vs. BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon, the winner of the ‘spark-filled pole battle’?

Kiseob of UKISS triumphed against BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon in a battle of strength.

Kiseob and Yoon Doojoon bet their prides in the pole contest on September 22nd of the aired Chuseok special MBC ‘Idol Satr Trot Battle.’

As a side game of the trot battle was the pole battle with blue team and white team. Team members will hold onto the pole while lifting themselves up and in making their opponent fall down first is claimed the winner.

Fei won in the women’s division as the finalists were 4minute’s Hyuna and Miss A’s Fei while Kiseob and Yoon Doojoon went head-to-head in the men’s division. Before the battle, they showed off their moderate yet bold dance moves during the dance time, sparking the rivalry as the two slowly revved their competitive spirits, leaving the atmosphere angst.

As soon as the battle begun, neither one backed down so easily since they put their prides on the line, even having their veins pop out. In the end, Kiseob of UKISS had won the battle. Yoon Doojoon, who gave his all, showed an expression of disappointment. The team members who watched the two male idol stars show their competitive spirits could not contain their shock.

Meanwhile on the day of this battle, Kim Jisun was the leader of the blue team with 4minute, SHINee, f(x), Norajo, Hong Jinyoung, LPG, T-ara, UKISS, & 8eight’s Lee Hyun as they won. For the white team, the leader was Kim Joori with BEAST, Miss A, Koyote, Onetwo, Orange Caramel, Sistar, Choshinsung, and Eru on her team as they showed a feverous trot battle.

CREDITS: Newsen (SOURCE); seoulfoood @B2ST RISING (TRANS)
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