Nichkhun Elle Girl Interview

What is your first impression of Bali like.
The weather and natural environment is similar to Thailand so it feels like I’m back home. I feel good.

You go overseas quite frequently, don’t you get tired of travelling on airplanes?
I like going on airplanes. It takes about 6 hours to Thailand, and that
feels just right. No people to hassle you, no phone calls or text
messages. You can just sleep while listening to music or watch movies.

Do you have anything that you always take with you in your travelling bag? What did you bring to Bali?
Clothes, sunblock, camera, iPod, sunglasses, etc. I must have my MP3 player
wherever I go. I like soft ballads. I listen to Jeong Yeob, James Mraz
and Ne-Yo a lot.

You didn’t say a word of complaint while shooting in the hot weather.
To be honest, it was REALLY hot. I didn’t want to ruin the atmosphere so I didn’t say anything. Everyone was tired, not only me.
I felt like you were born with manners.
My father was very strict when I was little. If I ran around inside a
restaurant or shopping malls, he would tell me off. He would smack me
sometimes. I think this sort of education is needed at times.

You were popular in your teens before debut, too, right?
No,I was a quiet sort. I only hung around close friends when I was at
school in America. Play sports and go to coffee shops with guy friends.
Girls who liked me didn’t even talk to me. I never got asked out
face-to-face. Girls must be scared of me. (Laughs)

Do you like females who are similar to you or are you attracted to completely different females to you?
I’m not sure. I’ve never had a girlfriend before, so I don’t really know. I don’t know what kind of girl I like.

Thailand, America, Korea. Which country are you most familiar with?
Thailand. I lived there for 10 years when I was little, and that’s where my family is now.

What about language?
All three languages are a bit funny now. Korean, Thai, English… All of
them. When I speak in English, Thai comes out and when I’m speaking
Korean, English comes out. I even try to think in Korean these days.
‘Cos I live in Korea, I eat Korean food and try to think like a

Your ‘cute’ image when you first debuted was because of lacking in Korean?
I couldn’t speak properly so I had to do whatever with my body. So I acted cute.

I’ve seen you for a few days now and felt like you’re far from being cute. You’re quite a manly person.
Yeah, this is real me. Taecyeon looks strong from the outside, but he’s
way more cuter than I am. He’s a cute baby with lots of big muscles.
Chansung is quite cute when he sneaks up to you quietly and takes away
your food.

I remember you saying “I’m in charge of visuals”
when I met 2PM a year ago. At another interview you said you were in
charge of 2PM’s publicity. How about now? Now Taecyeon is the
face of 2PM. Other members have become well known as well. Junho’s
become familiar with elder people thanks to “Dream Team”. Wooyoung is
famous for MC-ing… I don’t like receiving spotlights to myself. I like
it now.

Nowadays you’re receiving both interests and jealousies for appearing on ‘We Got Married’. Are you enjoying your marriage life?
To be honest, I was very worried before we started. Worried about fans’
reactions, if I would do well as Kwon is doing, if I would be alright
with my virtual wife. I want to try this and that. Something I can’t
usually do, like a date by the Han river.

Did you know Bali is famous for honeymoon attractions? Where will you go for your real honeymoon if you get married?
Phuket, of course. I want to show my wife that this is my home.

What do you usually talk about when you’re with the members or fellow singer friends?
I don’t really have celebrity friends apart from 2AM. With other singers
we just talk about our albums or work really. With members, we talk
about anything except girls. We never ask each other about girls first.
Although we already know even without telling. (Laughs)

Do you go out a lot especially like nowadays that you don’t have as much schedule?
My hair is blonde at the moment which really stands out so I can’t go out
as much. I go riding on a bike with my glasses and hat on.

Do you feel pressured by your ‘Kind Nichkhun’, ‘Angel Nichkhun’ image?
Yes. I often think ‘will people be surprised if I do this?’. I can make
mistakes, I’m a human, too. I’m not an angel. I’m a devil.

How does ‘Devil Nichkhun’ act when he’s angry?
I keep things to myself then explode all at once. Those kind of people
are more scary. But it doesn’t happen often. Usually I’d just think ‘oh
whatever’ and be annoyed by it.

How do you over come loneliness or feeling low?
For majority of the time I handle things by myself. Think of positive
things. Or listen to music, watch TV or exercise, and it would naturally
become forgotten.

You spend a lot of your time on twitter. Is there a special reason?
Fans become curious about what I do. What kind of thoughts I have, what
I’m interested in. I think it’s good to express them. If I put them up
on twitter, everyone can see.

Even with ‘WGM’, you seem to try hard to get close to the public a lot these days. I
wish fans would become familiar with me. Many stars like to create
fantasies with mysterious images, but not me. I also don’t like the word
‘angel’. I like communicating with fans.

What’s the next goal for 2PM who’s at the top of K-pop industry?
I never think that we’re the top. We still have lots to improve on. I
want us to try harder and become a group with skills. I’m happy to see
Wonder Girls succeed in America. And now I’ve got a goal that I want to
achieve. I wish 2PM would soon become the top in Korea and show our
music to many other people of the world.

What do you value the most personally?
People I love. Family, members, lover… I always think of the future. I think
that’s how I can work happily now. And I always think ‘where would I be
living if I married a Korean person?’ I work hard now for my future, my
future wife and family.

If you didn’t become 2PM, what would
Nichkhun be like now? It’s a bit lonesome to even think about not being
able to have known you.
Probably just an ordinary university student. To me, I think of 2PM as ‘luck’ rather than ‘fate’. I’m a very
lucky person. If there was no 2PM, I wouldn’t have become so successful.
In the past, I wasn’t serious about accomplishing anything. I’ve grown
and matured through 2PM.


Kor-Eng translation: Haeda @2pmalways.com


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