Celebrate Chuseok With Your Favorite Idols!

Chuseok is the largest of major festivals in Korea. Also known as the Harvest Moon Festival, it is equivalent to Thanksgiving in the United States. This national holiday begins on the 15th day of the 8th month of lunar calendar, and runs for three days of festivities and food.

During the holiday, families return to their ancestral towns and gather over stories, food, games, and celebrate a good harvest season. For K-pop fans, Chuseok is also a holiday to enjoy many variety shows and special television programs where idol members, celebrities, gag comedians, and emcees unite to put on hours of laughter and fun. This year Chuseok falls on September 22-24, and many special shows featuring idols and celebrities will be airing. These shows include:

Star Dance Battle where celebrities collaborate and compete to bring hot and funny performances.

Idol Star Athletics Championships Chuseok Special with members of many idol groups competing in various sport challenges.

Bouquet‘s pageant with members of female idol groups battling it out to win the title “Miss Harvest.”

We Got Married Chuseok horror special episode.

Get ready to sit back and enjoy this special holiday that your favorite celebrities have prepared for you!

Check out more photos and artists for Chuseok photoshoot in hanboks here!

Artists in the gallery include Rainbow, Mir (Mblaq), SISTAR, Doo Joon (Beast), G.na, T-ara, LPG, Girl’s Day, Secret, Teen Top, Park Jung Min, Nichkhun, Go Eun Ah, Lee Mi Young, Ahn Yong Joon, Choi Ja Hye, Oh San Ha, Jung Kyu Woon, Joo Won, Nam Gyuri, Son Eun Seo, Park Eun Young, Lee Hyung Suk, Sun Woo, Lee Min Jung, Han Chae Ah, Park Min Young, Hong Soo Ah, Jo Yeo Jung, Jong Jin Young, Hwang Jung Eum, Bae Da Hae, Oh San Ha, Gi Eun Se, Lee Hyun Ji, Jung Da Hye, Choi Won Young, Han Chae Ah, Park Ha Sun, Seo In Gook, Min Hyo Rin, and Han Ji Woo.

cr: ezplaza.net
cr: soompi

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