Shinoda was dumped by G-dragon?

Mariko Shinoda (24) , a member of the girl group AKB48 regarded BIGBANG member G-dragon(22) as her ideal boy and was rumoured to be dumped by him. (24)

On the 15th of Japan Daily Sport online version on 15th , there was an article titled ,’Shinoda was dumped by G-dragon?’ . Despite what the title suggested, a gdragon fan responded, ‘when BIGBANG was asked which artist they did like, Gdragon had once replied ,’ I love AKB’.

The newspaper said their relationship could not progress any more since there is a language barrier
. When the news reached Shinoda, she said the Japanese press is exaggerating and said the word ‘dumped’ gave out a wrong message and she would pay attention to the news.

Meanwhile, Mariko Shinoda is a member of AKB48 who debuted in 2006. They debuted respectively in teams A,K and B since a total of 48 members are divided under these 3 teams. This is also the reason why they are called AKB 48.

Translated by: Rice@BigbangWorld


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