2NE1 Comeback Raises Inkigayo Ratings By A Stunning 0.1%

Girl group 2NE1 recently had an 11-minute long comeback stage through the latest episode of SBS Inkigayo. Despite their great stage, the viewer ratings did not seem to be as great. Inkigayo‘s production crew was expecting a leap in the viewer ratings with the 11-minute comeback stage. However, it seemed like the viewers did not want to comply.
Something that has become the subject of talk amongst viewers and netizens is their thoughts that they spent a lot of time on one singer by giving them 11-minutes of screen time.

According to AGB Nielson Media Research, the viewer ratings for the episode of Inkigayo that aired on the 12th recorded at 7.2% (Korea-wide). The episode that aired on the 5th received 7.1% Korea-wide, showing a 0.1% increase.

On the recent episode, 2NE1 held their comeback stage by performing Clap Your Hands, Go Away, and Can’t Nobody.

Unlike regular comeback stages with 2 songs being performed, 2NE1 performed three in its entirety.

On this, netizens pointed out, “SBS is being biased.” However, fans commented, “There was not enough time for them to put on such a passionate performance.” Despite all these comments, this is hard for SBS to come back at, as they allowed 11 minutes for 2NE1 to perform their full songs, where other singers have to perform edited versions of their original songs, due to their length.

Source: Lee Jae Hwan @ newsen
Translation: ch0sshi @ kpoplive


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