Taeyang to duet with Solar concert guest IU

Taeyang, who is currently preparing for his concert Solar – set for the 25th and 26th of this month – stated in an interview today that IU would be a musical guest at his concert. He stated, “The only concert guest is IU. I invited her as a guest because I always appreciated her sincere approach to music.”

IU, a huge fan of Taeyang, is said to be preparing a special song for the concert, nothing from any of her own albums. She plans to perform live with a guitar, showing a side of herself that she’s unable to reveal regularly during broadcasts. The two are also said to be practicing for a duet. Fans of the two performers are probably curious about the outcome of their practice, as well as exactly how much Taeyang appreciates IU’s “sincere approach to music.”

source: BigBangUpdates
Hankooki + elliefilet at allkpop


2 responses to “Taeyang to duet with Solar concert guest IU

  1. I hate IU because Taeyang biggest fan I am: p

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