Big Bang T.O.P A Playboy?

Could T.O.P be K-pop’s newest Playboy?


2. Taec-yeon (2pm) and Ki-kwang (BEAST)

3.Jo-kwon (2am)

This is how the final list appeared to netizens on An online poll was conducted recently on the popular Korean search engine. Netizens were asked which K-pop star they felt would be the number one playboy. The Big Bang member lived up to his stage name by making it to the T.O.P! Of course, this time, the top of the list was not where he wanted to be. He won the poll by a 44% vote with Taec and Ki-kwang gaining on him at 22% while good guy Jo-kwon only received 11% of the votes.

The rapper’s handsome appearance,recent killer boyfriend role on IRIS, and even his May-December romance may have played factors in the online voting decision.

Who knew a Cat Artist,a BEAST,and an early riser could not go up against netizen’s favorite imaginary playboy,T.O.P?

source: popseoul


One response to “Big Bang T.O.P A Playboy?

  1. I Love his sexy eyes!!!he so damn sexy!!

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