JYJ Has No Time For The Press, Hire The Best Of The Best PR Companies

Today it was revealed that the members of JYJ had signed a contract  with a Korean PR (public relations) consulting firm, Prain.

The members released a statement saying, “We’ve always reported news to the press through a law firm but decided to go with a PR business for a more systematic and specialized expression of our thoughts. Through Prain, we will be opening a variety of channels that allow for conversing with the press and industry representatives along with our fans.”

Now Prain ain’t your average joe pr company as they have worked with ormer presidents, soccer player Park Jisung, figure star Kim Yuna and others, managing their images and communications so clearly when they mean business THEY MEAN business .

Prain themselves have released a statemnet saying Prain representatives stated,We are not TVXQ’s agency. We are their spokesperson and our responsibilities include managing their images and supporting their marketing and promotions.” and “We’re planning to create a transparent partnership as the spokesperson for the stars. We hope to enhance their image and quality as their PR agents.”

source: asiaholic


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