F.CUZ Holds & Japanese Fan Meeting & Set To Make A Comeback

Holding their first showcase in Japan, F.CUZ managed to steal the hearts of over 700 fans at the Hug My Heart showcase in Tokyo. Not only did the boys perform and interact with their fans, but they also announced exciting news for their future activities.

Over 700 fans showed up in support for F.CUZ’s first Japanese showcase. Many girls had practiced their Korean before coming to the show, now saying “Oppa, you’re great,” and “I really, really like you!” with a fluent accent. After a video showing the boys’ previous promotions throughout Asia, F.CUZ went on stage and performed Go, Jiggy, and No One.

F.CUZ took their fans by surprise as they began speaking in fluent Japanese, almost as if repaying their fans for learning Korean for them. Leader JinOn spoke first, saying, “We prepared a lot, so we will show you all fantastic performances. We will become a group that will work hard, so that we don’t disappoint you.” Member YeJun went on to say, “It’s really nice meeting you all, I’ve been really looking forward to this showcase.”

“I really wanted to meet you all, so please sing along,” Lee U said with a warm smile. The four members got ready for their solo performances as Kan said “Please look forward to our performances.” Kan went on to give a passionate performance of a song by his senior Rain while Lee U took a fan from the audience and sang to her.

After Yejun and LeeU performed If U Leave and Run It, the members presented their fans with Korean pancakes that they had made themselves. The boys spent many hours writing many message cards for their fans along with deciding what prized possessions they would give away as gifts. While it seemed that the showcase couldn’t get any better, the boys announced that they would be holding their first solo concert in Japan on December 12th.

For the showcase’s finale, the boys came back on stage with shirts filled with handwritten notes of support that fans had made for them. Going along with the name of the showcase, Hug My Heart, the idols went on to give their fans hugs along with promises of returning

Although the boys have been spending quite some time in Japan, they also announced that they would be making a comeback in Korea in October with a single as well as releasing their second mini-album by the end of November.

source: asiaholic


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